Untitled 10- A Political Poem

I take a bite of a lipstick bullet and

Spit it on a scum of a man that dares to enslave

My child bearing hips.

I tare the skin of a man with my harrowing stiletto heels

That dares to dictate my occupied womb.

I strangle the chords of a man, whose voice dares to stifle mine;

Dares to silence my pleas for peace.

I stab, punch, kick and strike

With my words,

And only in my words.

I pierce the eardrums of a man, with my high-pitched, feminine, poised screams

To set free the caged birds.

But I am not alone; my voice does not ring in isolation.

My voice rings along a spectrum

Of deafening high pitches to deepest vibrations of the chords

The voice of a woman with plenty alike

And the voices of true men

Against the voice of a parody of a man

Untitled 10- A Political Poem

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